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Drug Testing Services

The Court Assistance Programs offers several testing schedules for clients.  We will accept walk-in clients during designated hours which can be determined by calling our main office number.  We also offer a random drug testing plan that is set up on a color code system.  This must be arranged in the office during business hours.

The Color Code Hotline number is (405) 602-8748.

The types of drug and alcohol tests along with pricing are listed below.

Oral Fluid Drug Test

Six panel saliva drug test (positives confirmed by GCMS @ no extra charge to the client).  Blood tests are considered to be the most accurate means of testing for different substances.  Saliva testing is considered to be the most comparable non-invasive test to blood testing. In other words, the concentration of different chemicals in the saliva is proportionate to concentrations in the blood.

EtG Testing

EtG tests for any alcohol consumption for up to 3.5 to 5 days prior to test.  (Positive drug tests confirmed by GCMS @ no extra charge to the client)  This test works by testing for an enzyme that is produced by the body and is responsible for metabolizing the alcohol.  This enzyme will remain in the person for several days even after all of the alcohol has been metabolized.

EtG Testing with 8 Panel Urine Drug Test

EtG Urine test for past alcohol consumption combined with an 8 panel drug test (positives confirmed by GCMS @ no extra charge to the client).  This test combines the EtG test listed above with a urine drug test which tests for current alcohol levels and 7 other narcotics in the urine.

Hair Drug Testing

Six panel hair drug test which can determine drug use in the last 3 months (positives confirmed by GCMS @ no extra charge to the client).  While hair testing is not as sensitive as saliva testing, it can demonstrate use or non-usage of substances over a much greater time frame.    

Client’s actively participating in one of the CAP programs will be given a discount on all tests.  Drug test pricing for CAP participating clients versus Non-Participating clients are as follows: 

Test Active CAP Clients Non-participating Clients
Oral Fluid Drug Test $20 $25
EtG Test $30 $35
EtG/8 Panel Urine Test Combo $35 $40
Hair Follicle Drug Test $70 $75

Please call the office for available test times.